Pacfam Learning originated right at the heart of the Packwood home.

As a family, our motto has always been about never giving up. Packwood Family Crest “Dulcius Ex Asperis”, means Sweeter after difficulties. We believe that everything done as a team is well done. As we embark on this new educational journey, we hope that the learning resources which have been developed and aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum, will resonate a feeling of joy, curiosity and excitement for the reader. Keep being motivated, read often and always strive to be happy.


We are all made up of different components and like a body, each organ relies on the other, and similar to a philosophy originating from South Africa with the emphasis on UBUNTU, where everybody works together as a family, sharing and listening and adding to each other’s experiences. This is also especially indicative of the Māori philosophy with the emphasis on people, weaving and standing together as one. It was a few years ago, while reading a book to my youngest daughter at the then age of 5 that I realised how important it was to create a feeling of excitement when storytelling, and how impressionable our children are, realising how much of an example we have to be to them.


The impression we leave on them is very important. I was reading the story of Postman Pat who was visiting his Italian friend Bella who had invited him over for lunch.
On this day Bella had prepared a delicious pasta meal for Postman Pat. It was at this scenario I changed my accent to depict the character, and my daughter exclaimed with excitement while listening to the story, “Mom, I love the way that lady speaks”. I soon realised how important it was that children understand, and can relate to what is being read and taught in a fun, simple but effective innocent manner. This has given me the impetus to write children’s educational literature with a storytelling effect, and adding vital and relevant curriculum-based information to each story.


Pacfam Learning is in its early development phase, and more literature will continually be updated. As like anything worthwhile, development takes time. The current resource is a start of many exciting and simplistic but substance-based literature for the young learning minds. I have also written for the New Zealand, Australian and South African Publishing Sector.


Please enjoy the preview and always, strive to be happy, keep reading and keep making special memories. As Mary Poppins so beautifully tells us, that “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Our children are our joy and we must help them to grow into successful young adults. My husband Ian, always believed in planting the good seeds of life in the children, to nurture their creativity and so we endeavour to do this always.

-Tracy Packwood